Ance Treatment

Acne Specialty Clinic

VL Beauty Secrets is the place to go for everything acne-related. There is no other place where you will receive better outcomes with the most skilled specialists in the area and the latest treatment options.

Acne is a skin condition characterized by the formation of red pimples on the skin’s surface. A follicular canal connects the pores of the skin to the oil glands located beneath the epidermis. A pimple arises when this canal becomes clogged. These must be taken seriously since if left untreated or self-treated, they can leave lifelong scars.

Acne care and treatment services

Our skilled medical experts employ cutting-edge medico-aesthetic procedures to achieve a visible reduction in pimples while also making existing scars less obvious. At VL Beauty Secrets, We recommend the following as a single or combined therapy to help you achieve the best acne treatment results.

  1. Chemical Peels
  2. Comedone Extraction
  3. Intralesional Injections
  4. Laser Toning
  5. Topical medications
  6. Oral antibiotics